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Beginner and a Hardgainer? How Many Calories Do I Need a Day to Gain Muscle?

Are you just starting out with weight training? Looking to gain muscle? Here’s a very simple, almost foolproof way to find out how many calories you need to gain some weight, along with some tips and tools that you need to make some gains and ultimately crush the scale and your fitness goals. Before you even hit out the gym, the first thing you need to do is make sure you’ve got your kitchen and your diet game on point. you need to figure out how many calories you need, what your macros are how much protein you need, what you’re going to eat, figuring out a meal plan, having a grocery list… all that stuff is super important.

A lot of other programs will give you a formula, right? You got a punch in all these numbers, your weight, your height and all that stuff.. It’s good, it’ll help you find out what should be in Marius which is your basal metabolic rate. it tells you how many calories your body needs in order to function properly. They don’t have you use something like the Harris-Benedict formula, which will help you even more to find that base rate. they don’t have you add 500 calories on top of that end number that you get from all those formulas. that’s a great formula, it’s good to use, there’s nothing wrong with using it. Figuring out an easier way to do it for those who are trying to gain weight, really trying to put on the mass for us hardgainers, the easiest way to do it is to take your body weight and multiply it by 20. Yes, it’s that easy, I promise you. Take how much you weigh and multiply it by 20. Then you use that number as your base for your caloric needs.

You need to eat good, high quality proteins. Eggs, milk, cheese, chicken, steak, you get the idea. As a hardgainer, we won’t even concern ourselves with fat at this point, you need the calories. That’s not to say go eat garbage, like chips and candy bars, but you can eat the egg yolks, have some fat on your meat. shoot for getting your calories fairly clean. Just shoot to get that protein. And try to be getting that protein every 3 or 4 hours if you can. That ensures muscle repair, which means growth for you! Great tasting, great quality protein bars are Quest Bars. The flavors are INSANE! They’re softer bars in awesome flavors like cinnamon bun, strawberry cheesecake, blueberry muffin with pieces of muffin in them!!! DELICIOUS!!!

Now here’s a quick power tip for all of you hard gainers out there. Understand that any number that you get from any formula online, even this number, all of it is only an estimation to find out what your sweet spot is to really make those gains, and what I mean by that is, any number that you get isn’t gonna be the exact number that you need to put on weight. what you have to do is test it out. You have to use it to experiment. You may fail. You have to basically use the trial and error method. So you’re gonna take that number, your body weight multiplied by 20, we’re gonna take that number and you’re gonna try it out for a week. Hit that number, or whatever the number is, let’s say it’s 3000 for example. You gotta hit 3,000 calories every day for a week. You can eat your meals, as well as carrying protein shakes. There are a few good ones out there. My favorite is Muscle Tech Phase 8 Protein. It’s a multi phase protein powder. That means there are different types of protein in it. Slow burning and fast uptake, so your muscles re getting fed all day long! (just in case you miss a meal…)

Make sure you measure yourself before you start. Make sure you weigh yourself at the end of the week. If you don’t weigh at least a pound more than what you did at the beginning of the week then you need to go up 100 to 200 calories. Thats how you know. Sometimes that numbers not going to be it. You’re going to have to increase calories. Sometimes it is going to be it, and you can stick to that number. Use that number of calories, but understand that whatever number you get it isn’t going to be the exact number that you need. You have to actually use it. Put that number to work. Like I said, hit your caloric goals for at least a week and find out what your sweet spot is. You’re going to have to tweak it go up, go down, whatever it is to find it. Stick to it. Be consistent and hit your goal.

My favorite hardgainer supplement is

What’s your favorite method to figure out what that sweet spot is for you? Where do your gains happen? Comment down below and let everybody in the hardgainer fitness community know what works best for you. Go out there make some gains!